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HQ Italia

Italian Bistro & Bar

HQ Italia is a modern contemporary bistro, restaurant and bar situated on the rooftop of Oxley Bizhub 2 in the East Side of Singapore.


Offering patrons both dimly lit, romantic indoor vibes as well as charming poolside alfresco seating, HQ Italia is known for its stellar Italian cuisine options and has become a fancied Friday evening hangout for couples and friends looking for good, memorable times.

Beyond the main restaurant and bar space, patrons seeking a more intimate dining affair can explore our cosy private room setting.

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HQ Italia boasts an impressive variety of Italian-Western dishes, using only the freshest ingredients air-flown in from Italy every 2 days.


At HQ Italia, we offer an unrivalled selection of pizzas, pastas and steaks, prepared thoughtfully and artfully served.


HQ Italia's pizzas are made of a fermented dough recipe that goes through a preparation of more than 48 hours. Nothing shows a convivial atmosphere more than an authentic, Italian pizza for sharing at your dinner table!


HQ Italia's pastas offer all the tastes of traditional Italian fare coupled with fresh ingredients and amazing, authentic flavours.  


HQ Italia's steaks evoke an authentic and rustic Italian-style steakhouse dining experience. Every bite is a smooth, buttery mouthful that leaves you wanting even more.

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Looking to host your next gathering for family and friends at our restaurant? 

At HQ Italia, we treat our guests like family so don't be shy and get in touch if you wish to host your very own event here with us!


Please contact us via Whatsapp at +65 93832649 for more details. Alternatively, you may email us at